International Training Programme

– for Gestalt Therapists

For many years, the Norwegian Gestalt Institute has offered training abroad (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, France, etc.) and now we invite former students from abroad to come to Norway. Trainers in this programme are chosen from institutes throughout Europe and represent various topics and trends in gestalt therapy.

One year post-education program

The workshops consist of a total of 120 hours, in addition to four supervision sessions of three hours each.  Course content will be a repetition of and immersion in gestalt theory and method taught in the basic therapist education. In addition, visiting lecturers from training institutions throughout Europe will introduce new perspectives. Each workshop is designed as an independent unit.
The course of study will increase students’ capacity to think critically and independently as therapists, and support their ability to make use of gestalt models, theories, and methods in practice.

We are pleased to announce the following training programme for 2022/2023; 
Daan Van Baalen, 26-27-28 September 2022
Gestalt group psychotherapy

In this workshop I will show to lead a group psychotherapy from a gestalt therapy perspective. The learning group will serve as a teaching and therapy group.

Based on learning by experience.

Gro Skottun, 28-29-30 November 2022
Contact and contactforms

In this workshop we will explore both theoretical and in practice what we mean with contact and contactforms in Gestalt therapy. There will be lectures, discussions, exercises and therapy sessions. Literature: Skottun og Krüger (2022) Gestalt Therapy Practice.

Vikram Kolmannskog, 16-17-18 January 2023
Gestalt Therapy in the Current Ecological Crises

We are in the midst of a mass extinction and this is a human-made situation. In this workshop we will explore how gestalt therapy may support us all in this situation, in dealing with grief, in re-connecting to nature, in mobilising for action, and more. With this overall topic and intention, the workshop will be responsive to what emerges there and then. Professor Vikram Kolmannskog has done much work in the fields of climate change, human rights and psychotherapy, and has in the past years been interested in linking these.

Juliane Appel-Opper, 13-14-15 March 2023
Two bodies communicating

This workshop focuses on how two living bodies communicate with each other as rhythms and melodies of moving and being moved. Gestures, tiny movements, looks, a still shoulder speak of embodied stories about what this person has experienced, how this living body has been treated, cared for, handled, looked at, ignored, threatened, and soothed. Atmospheres of bodily being-with, echoes of the other and the rhythms of contacting imprint bodily.

Participants will explore own embodiment and how client and therapist cocreate an embodied field together. With experiments/exercises, live demonstrations and supervision, small group work, the focus will be especially on body-to-body-communication and how to open up these embodied stories for further exploration in therapy.

Sally Denham Vaughan, 22-23-24 May 2023
Fragments, Parts and Presence: Keeping it Together as the World Falls Apart.

In our Gestalt praxis, we often hear the phrase “the whole is more than the sum of it’s parts” as a colloquial explanation of what the word “Gestalt” means. But what does this mean for our practice when applied to human beings and Being-ness: to people?

In this workshop, Sally will use the Relational Change SOS framework to dive theoretically and experientially into this question.

We will explore the concept of Ethical Presence, (Chidiac and Denham-Vaughan, 2020), to examine how we might feel powerful, privileged or threatened in relation to others. We will also explore what psychological structures and meaning-making frameworks we use to maintain our sense of self in a rapidly changing and challenging field.

Practical information

Training hours, all days, 09.00-17.00.


Supervision in small groups for three hours with Norwegian supervisors, either Tuesdays from 17.30-20.30 after the workshop, or between workshops.

Price: NOK 29.300,-
+ registration fee NOK 1.900,-
Total: 31.200,-
Includes supervision
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