International Training Program

– for Gestalt Therapists

For many years, the Norwegian Gestalt Institute has offered training abroad (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, France, etc.) and now we invite former students from abroad to come to Norway. Trainers in this program are chosen from institutes throughout Europe and represent various topics and trends in gestalt therapy.

One year post-education program

The workshops consists in total 120 hours, and four supervision sessions of three hours each in smaller groups.
Course content will be a repetition of and immersion in gestalt theory and method taught in the basic therapist education. In addition, visiting lecturers from training institutions throughout Europe will introduce new perspectives. Each workshop is designed as an independent unit.
The course of study will increase students’ capacity to think critically and independently as therapists, and support their ability to make use of gestalt models, theories, and methods in practice.

We are pleased to announce the following training program for 2021/2022; 

Vikram Kolmannskog, 27
-28-29 September 2021
Gestalt Therapy & Buddhist Practices

Since the early days of our founders, Gestalt therapists have been interested in, and practiced, Buddhist meditation. There are similarities as well as areas of potential cross-fertilization between Gestalt therapy and Buddhist practices. During this workshop, we may touch on various themes such as:

  • Introduction to classical Buddhist sutras and meditation, including breathing meditation, walking meditation, and metta (loving-kindness) meditation.
  • What is the relationship between gestalt and mindfulness-based therapies?
  • How can Buddhist practices support us as Gestalt therapists?
  • How can Buddhist practices support our clients?
  • How can we integrate/include Buddhist practices in therapy with clients?
  • How can we draw on practices that come from a specific religious tradition with diverse clients?

The workshop will be held in a dialogical spirit and other themes may also come up depending on the participants. The facilitator Vikram Kolmannskog is a gestalt therapist, supervisor, and professor of gestalt therapy, as well as a life-long meditator.


Hans Petter Frydenberg, 1-2-3 November 2021

Theme and content will be updated soon.


Daan van Baalen, 17-18-19 January 2022
Gestalt group psychotherapy


Jean-Marie Robin, 14-15-16 March 2022
Contributions for the work in a field perspective

The radical shift, when a gestalt-therapist chooses to work in a field perspective, seems endless. New consequences regularly emerge, new possibilities, new definitions for our old concepts and so on. During these days, we could look at the use of resonance, of self-disclosure of the therapist in the therapeutic setting, at the recurrent relational patterns and we could try to have a better understanding of this puzzling concept proposed by Perls and Goodman of « Id of the situation ».

Gro Skottun, 30-31 May and 1 June 2022
Working with dreams in gestalt therapy.

Fritz Perls believed that our dreams are very important. He said that they were the most spontaneous expression of the existence of human beings and claimed that the problems of existence of any individual are most clearly indicated in their dreams. He described dreams as the “royal road to integration” and as “existential messages”.

In this workshop we will explore several ways of working with dreams in gestalt therapy. Different theories will be taught and demonstrated by the trainer and tried out in practice in the main group and smaller groups.


Practical information

The corona situation will determine whether OR not there will be digital training.

Training hours, all days, 09.00-17.00.


Supervision in small groups for three hours with Norwegian supervisors, either Tuesdays from 17.30-20.30 after the workshop, or between workshops.

Price: NOK 28.000,-
+ registration fee NOK 1.900,-
Total: 29.900,-
Includes supervision
Apply here.

Application deadline: 1. September 2021

It is also possible to attend workshops individually.
Price: Eur 800.- per. workshop.
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