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What is gestalt? How does gestalt therapy work? Which courses are offered at NGI, and how do I apply?

This is a brief introduction of the Norwegian Gestalt Institute and the world of gestalt therapy.

Please note that fluency in Norwegian is necessary to study at NGI. However we have one course which is taught in English. It is International Training Programme for those who already have gestalt therapy education. Below you can find information about the programme.

About Norwegian Gestalt Institute

Norwegian Gestalt Institute AS (NGI) was established in 1986 and has offered training and education within gestalt for almost 30 years, with a steadily increasing number of courses and classes. NGI was certified as a private university college with an officially approved exam in 2003, and now has two formally approved courses. NGI has decided not to apply for the state aid and is 100 % financed by study fees.

Our four-year gestalt therapy education is now offered in Oslo. Before it was also available in Kristiansand, Tromsø, Stavanger and Trondheim. The establishment of courses within gestalt coaching and organizational development has given the school a broader platform that has been well received.

What is gestalt?

The word gestalt is German and can best be translated to «a meaningful whole» or «a complete pattern». Gestalt therapy is built on a fundamental belief that we as humans can live a far fuller and richer life than most of us do today. It is a direction within the humanistic psychology that was founded by the German-born couple Laura and Fritz (Frederick) Perls and the American Paul Goodman in the late 50s and early 60s in USA. Gestalt therapy is based on ideas from existential-phenomenological philosophy.

Practical information

Practical information about each course can be found in the Norwegian course information.

Apply here

Find application details on all courses here (Norwegian site) and for the international training programme for gestalt therapists in Norway here. We still have a few available places for this programme.

Gestalt News

Here you can find information about the Gestalt News from the whole world.
The information about our International training program is also available here.