Resolving Social Conflicts and Field Theory in Social Science


Kurt Lewin




American Psychological Association


APA (American Psychological Association) is proud to reissue these two classics by Kurt Lewin, Resolving Social Conflicts and Field Theory in Social Science, in one comprehensive volume.

In Resolving Social Conflicts, Lewin’s writings reflect the applied psychologist—his practical interests in the nature and causes of social conflicts and his search for techniques in preventing and resolving them. In Field Theory in Social Science, his concerns are those of the social scientist and the conceptual and methodological tools for understanding the individual and society.

Reviews and Awards
When the intellectual history of the twentieth century is written, Kurt Lewin will surely be counted as one of those few men whose work changed fundamentally the course of social science in its most critical period of development. During his professional life…the social sciences grew from the stage of speculative system building…to a more mature development in which empirical data are sought for the significance they can have for systemic theories.

One reason for this breadth of influence is that much of his work concerned itself with determining the methodological and conceptual prerequisites for a mature science of human behavior.
—from the Foreword to Field Theory in Social Science by Dorwin Cartwright

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