Psychopathology of Awareness. An unfinished and unpublished manuscript from the main founder of gestalt therapy


Fritz Perls


Jean-Marie Robine & Charles Bowman






Certainly, there had always been the rumor of the existence of an unfinished manuscript penned by Fritz Perls, the primary founder of Gestalt Therapy.

For some of us, this rumor was a little more specific since this text even had a title: “Psychopathology of Awareness”. But none knew where to find it – or claimed not to know. Like a “cold case” dear to television police series, discovery and investigation led to awakening the sleeping manuscript and shedding light on Perls’s last theoretical contributions. More time was then necessary to overcome multiple hesitations and mobilize some authors to comment on this relatively brief and sometimes chaotic draft. Isn’t that always the case for unfinished texts? We therefore asked a few gestalt therapists, who occupy a place in the community among the authors who are advancing the theoretical and clinical development of gestalt therapy, or have been able in various ways to highlight the richness of Perls’ work, to resonate with this text that they were unfamiliar with and to comment on it in complete freedom.

In addition to Charlie Bowman from the USA and Jean-Marie Robine from France, the creators and editors of this book, the following authors have also contributed their words: Robert Resnick (USA), Michael V. Miller (USA), Peter Philippson (UK), Jack Aylward (USA), Bernd Bocian (Italy/Germany), Nancy Amendt-Lyon (Austria), Peter Cole (USA), Myriam Muñoz Polit (Mexico), Rezeda Popova (Tatarstan, Russia).


Friedrich S. Perls (also known as Fritz), was born in Berlin in 1893 and died in Chicago in 1970. He was a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and psychotherapist trained by people like Goldstein, Fenichel, Karen Horney, Wilhelm Reich and many other famous clinicians. He then, along with Paul Goodman, the famous American intellectual and author, wrote the founding text Gestalt Therapy (1951) and created the first Gestalt Therapy Institute in New York. Today, Gestalt Therapy has spread widely throughout the world thanks to hundreds of Institutes and thousands of gestalt-therapists.

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