Business Coaching – an integrated dialogue methodology in four steps


Bodil Dahlgren & Hindrik Öunpuu




Light Perspective BPC


Daring to be clear is an art.

The chaos of reality always wrecks the best made plans. The premise is that everyone and everything is in a constant state of flux and development. States of more or less chaos are more common than periods of calm and apparent control. The trick is to adapt in order to survive at work and as a person. Do you have the sufficient self knowledge to cope with this adjustment? How can you communicate to get others on board with you? And do you and others wish to adapt?

Business Coaching – An integrated dialogue methodology in four steps, is for anyone who has a leading role, with or without direct reporting staff. It is a text book for anyone who wants to establish a firm foundation on which to base their leadership. To dare to be clear means to master a method of dialogue that provides decision space for the leader whilst maintaining respect for the people in the organization. Contact with others becomes more straightforward when you as a leader achieve greater self-insight.

The authors provide no quick and easy answers. But with this serious, factual and richly-illustrated book, you will find several tools that support robust innovation in strategic and operational leadership. Many real-world examples provide room for your own reflections, in which theory and practice coalesce into a whole. Everyone can identify with this material, but the angles and perspective will often surprise you, stimulating you to read on.

Is there anyone who does not wish to feel secure in the tough, everyday life of leadership? This book gives you the opportunity to experience coaching. An invisible hand will be there to support you as you move forward and continue to develop your leadership.

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