Gestalt and Process. Clinical diagnosis in Gestalt Therapy. A Field Guide


Hans Peter Dreitzel






The first Gestalt diagnostic manual a field book, that can be used as well for fundamental professional trainings as for the Gestalt Therapist’s everyday’s work – designed in a brilliant layout.

It is the charts that constitute the actual atlas. Their main purpose is to present complex relationships between functions in a diagrammatic fashion. They are intended as tools and can be unfolded next to the main text to which they refer.


«This book presents a mode of diagnosis that is specific to Gestalt therapy and based on its fundamental concepts. The neurotic processes it describes are compatible with the conventional generic international diagnostic classification systems. They also supplement them insofar as they describe styles of behaviour rather than put labels on people … The book should be required reading for Gestalt therapy training and I recommend this workbook also to all practising Gestalt therapists.»

(Peter Schulthess, President of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy, EAGT)


«An important contribution to contemporary Gestalt therapy … this book provides Gestalt therapists with a significant tool for understanding and deepening their work.»

(Dan Bloom, Editor-in-Chief, Studies in Gestalt Therapy: Dialogical Bridges; Vice-President AAGT; Fellow, New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy)

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